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Powder Coating an Arduino

In this book I will take a ceramic kiln and use an Arduino to control it for the purpose of powder coating. This book is really not as much about the kiln and powder coating as it is the project as a whole and how one goes about integrating an Arduino into a project such as this. Even if you have never worked with an Arduino before, this project will walk you through every step.


While this book covers converting a kiln, it really shows how you would go about any project such as this. This is an excellent primer for learning what you can do with an Arduino and how you would go about doing it; what ever your project may be. This same circuit can be adapted to control kilns and ovens for a variety of uses. Uses including ceramics, heat treating metal, glass arts and preheating cast iron prior to welding. The circuit itself is identical to circuits used to read exhaust gas temperatures in car engines.



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